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What ...

... is our story?

Jusman so opens Salty Malty Fish & Chips in Kuopio Finland after spending over 20 years in kitchens of luxury hotels and restaurants around the world. his culinary journey started in 2000, and 5 years later, he opened his first Restaurant which earned him the title of Best Rising Chef in Singapore.


By 2010, Jusman grew tired of the big city life in Singapore and decided to chase his passion for surfing. He sold his restaurant, moved to Bali with his wife, and was welcomed by Ayana Resort & Spa Bali as Head Chef. That kick-started a decade of working for luxury hotels brands such as Aman, Rosewood, Capella, Regent and Auberge. His career took him through the Caribbean, Americas, Europe and Asia where he led the opening of three luxury hotels and twelve restaurants.


After a decade of travelling, his wife wanted to return home. Jusman left his career behind in 2020 and moved to Kuopio with his family. While pondering on his next steps, he thought about how he could leverage his diverse experience for a greater good. As a father of two young boys, and having seen so much severe child poverty along the journey his career had taken him, an idea sparked in him.


jusman looked through different restaurant concepts and philanthropic initiatives in search for a model that would link the customer to helping children through his work. After realising that there was no restaurant in Finland that specializes in Fish & Chips, he landed on Salty Malty Fish & Chips.


A restaurant concept dedicated to donating a fraction of sales from every portion of fish & chips sold, Salty Malty Fish & Chips strives to expand its reach exponentially through franchising, hoping that one day, the donations generated from its sales can make a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged children.

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